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Listening to Streaming Audio using Real Player

1. Click on "Free Real Player" button above.

2. Download "Free Real Player Basic" to your desktop.

3. Once the download has finished, exit from your browser, find and double click on  "Real Player" install icon.

4. Follow all installation instructions.

5. Your done! 

6. Restart your browser, go to and start streaming.

Listening to CD Quality mp3's is quick and easy with Cool Player. This is the smallest and easiest mp3 player we could find anywhere!

1. Click on the "Cool Player" button above to download.

2. Save "cool player.exe" to your desktop.  (only 348k!)

3. When download is finished, double click the "Cool Player"  icon.

4. Download any mp3 file to your desktop and drag it onto the "Cool Player" icon.

5. That's it!  Any mp3 you drag onto "Cool Player" will play automatically.